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What Equipment Do I Need To Start Krav Maga

What equipment do I need to start Krav Maga, or what should I buy first?

What Krav Maga equipment do I need? This is a recurrent questions from new students.

Krav Maga means “contact combat” in Hebrew, and we train as realistic as possible and we go hard! But, our number one priority is safety, that the basic of Krav Maga, train safe, train longer, train better.

Therefore, we suggest our student to be equipped properly with good protective gears, Krav Maga Equipment.

Protective Gears Needed for Training:

  • Headgear
  • Mouth Guard
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Grappling gloves
  • Groin protection
  • Shin guard

Headgear / Head Guard

It’s a boxing helmet which protect your head against strike. We use headgear with face protective fence, but boxing headgear with protected chin work perfectly and are widely available.

Mouth-guard / Gum Shield

Mouth-guard is here to protect your teeth as well as your tongue against bite.

Dentist is expensive and a broken tooth hurt, so, protect your teeth.

Mouth-guard should be moldable to your teeth, by dropping it into boiling hot water, to make the molding of your teeth shape for extra comfort. (ensure you follow the molding instructions as they all are made in different material). Mouth-guard are easy to find in Thailand.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves is mostly used for sparring, heavy bag work and focus mitt work for combo practice and striking reflexes. We suggest padding weight of 16oz for men and 14oz for women, 12 oz for kids and teens.

Boxing gloves protect your hands, not only protect the skin around the knuckles, but gloves protect the bones and connective tissue in the hands. Frequent and powerful punching will break down the structure of the hand without proper protection. Choose wisely!

There is a lot of different kinds gloves.

Boxing gloves give a full wrist protection and are offer in 3 categories, heavy bag gloves have dense padding, sparring gloves with soft padding and training gloves which can be used for both.

Muay Thai gloves have more flexibility in the wrist for grappling purpose. Being in Thailand and as we do a lot of grappling, we suggest Muay Thai gloves. Invest in genuine leather gloves, they lasts longer and your hands will breathe better than in polyurethane base semi-leather/PU leather.

Important Note: In Krav Maga we do not wrap our hands like in western boxing, simply because we want to condition our hands. Because, in self-defense on the street, you won’t have time to wrap your hands. So, make sure the gloves you choose fit your hands tight, some brands are more appropriate for large hands and some for small hands. Choose Velcro strapping gloves, not laces gloves as we often put it on, take it off…

Suggested Brands: 1. Boon Sports, 2. Yokkao, 3. Twins, 4. Fairtex, 2. Top King, 6. Raja, 7. Sandee, 8. Windy…

Open Palm / Grappling gloves

Open Palm / Grappling gloves nowadays most commonly called MMA gloves are open palm gloves which allow grappling, palm strike, attacker wrist control…

We suggest padding weight of 6oz for men, women, kids and teens.

There is 2 different kinds of open palm / grappling gloves.

MMA gloves with uncovered finger from the 1st knuckles to the tips of the fingers.

Hybrid gloves / Sparring gloves with covered knuckles to fingers tips boxing gloves kind of padding but open palm.

They both come in different size, from S to XL, ensure they are tight fit.

Suggested Brands: 1. Boon Sports, 2. Fairtex, 3. Twins, 4. Top King…

Groin Protection

As it’s called, it’s for protect your groin, kicks to the groin hurts!!!

Whoever you are a man or a woman, that hurt the same, only the damage will be different as for men the damage will be external where for women the damage will be internal.

Few option are available in Thailand for both women & Men.

Shin Guard

Muay Thai shin guards are perfect for Kraav Maga, as they provide proper shin protection as there is a lot of shin to shin impact in Muay Thai, while remaining light and mobile to facilitate complete movement.

The most important is to choose the size that fit you the best, so the shin guards remain as secured as possible during intense sparring. Multilayered padded shin guard give the best impact absorption.

Suggested Brands: 1. Top King, 2. Fairtex, 3. Boon, 4. Yokkao, 5. Twins Special…

Choose as per your budget, the numbers of day your train, your training intensity…

There is a lot of affordable brands in the market, they will give you protection, but they may just be less comfortable or less durable.

Train Hard, Train Safely!

If you have any questions regarding protective gears, equipment Contact Us!

Krav Maga Shop: Krav Gears

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