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Deal with Gun Threats – Seminar


Saturday July 11th, 2020 – 2.00 p.m. Deal with Gun Threats Seminar.

Did you ever get a GUN flashed to your face? That’s one of the scariest things to deal with, Gun threats!

There is a lot of firearms and guns in circulation in Thailand, and there isn’t one day in the Thai news that someone didn’t get threaten or worth, killed by firearms. Some basics techniques could save your life!

Firearms are no joke! They are made to kill!

Gun violence affect a lot of people all around the world. More than 500 people die every day of violence committed with firearms.

Anyone can be affected by firearm violence.

Easy access to firearms is a big issue, whether legal or illegal. It is one of the main cause of gun violence.

Learn to deal with this problem, we gonna teach you in this exclusive seminar the basics you need to Defense Against handguns. You will learn the RCAD system and how to act and react to this life threatening situation from every angle.

Kindly hosted at The Movement Playground Bangkok, Sukhumvit soi 69, Phra Khanong.

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Gun violence – Key facts: Amnesty International

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