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How to Mastered My Krav Maga?

How to Mastered My Krav Maga? You may have asked yourself already!

How to Mastered My Krav Maga? Well, there is no secrets, to mastered a skill you need to practice, practice and practice it.

That’s not mean that you need to practice only the techniques, that mean you need to train yourself and especially the fundamentals. There is a science behind self-defense so you need to understand why we do it this way and why you need to stick to the Krav Maga principals.

Here is what you need to do:

Be consistent

That’s mean that if you want to improve your skills you need to train consistently for a long period of time, if your schedule allow you to train 2, 3 or even 1 time per week, just stick to it, and this every week.

Work on your basics, your fundamentals

Striking’s forms, your footwork & movements, your body defenses…, review all your basic techniques.

Know your Krav Maga Principals

Memorizing a techniques is not enough, you need to be able to adapt to the problem, assault and attacks are unpredictable, knowing your principals will help you to react as needed.

Analyze your Stress Drills

Our stress drill training, what we often call reality check, highlight how you react in stressful situation, your natural reaction. You can spot in there your strength and weakness. Analyzing those will help you to identify the areas you need to work on and improve.

Your Fitness

Your body is important, the more you train it the more it become strong. You don’t need to become an athlete, but the more often you train your body the better you will be and the more you will prevents injuries.

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