How can I get a fighter body?

How can I get a fighter body? What exercise do I need to do? How frequently I need to work out?

A student asks me those questions, I did have the same problem when I was a Krav Maga beginner. I didn't really know what to do when to exercise, what kind of exercise I need to do for improving my Krav Maga.

After questioning my instructors and other athletes around me, and made some research about it, I developed the following workout.

The first rule I learned was: Don't give up! Challenge yourself! Stay focus!

The body quickly adapts to happen to it, so we need to always challenge it to keep it growing, improving.

The following Fighter workout routine is for beginners and intermediate, test yourself and increase the numbers of reps if it too easy for you.

I suggest you incorporate it to your daily workout routine or into our 30days plan as Exercise routine in our previous post:

Alternate daily, workout 1 on the first day, 2 on the second day, 1 on the 3rd day…

Workout 1:


5 mins jumping rope or 30 Jumping jack

20 squats

20 push-ups

40 crunches

Rest 1 min after warm-up.

Shadow Boxing

3 mins round: regular front kick, palm strike, straight punch, elbow (be free to add knees, hammer, hook, uppercut)

Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Do 3 sets.

Check our post about shadow boxing:

Heavy bag or pad work (basics combo)

3 mins round.

Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Do 3 sets.

If you are beginner “Pace yourself", take 1 mins rest between sets and reduce to 3 sets instead of 5.

If you don't have access heavy bag or partner for pad work, do 3 additional sets of Shadowboxing at a higher pace.

Finisher Sets

100 push-ups

100 squats

100 crunches

You can rest between sets of 10 or 20, but don't rest more than 30 seconds between sets.

Workout 2:


1 min run in place

1 min high knee run

30 burpee

10 fighting stance squats (both legs)

10 push-ups

10 crunches

Rest 1 min after warm-up

Footwork's drills

10 steps forward & 10 steps backward for 2 mins

10 steps side left & 10 steps right for 2 mins

10 steps 45° forward left & 10 steps 45° backward for 2 mins

10 steps 45° forward right & 10 steps 45° backward for 2 mins

Circle to the left 10 steps & 10 steps to the right (left foot forward) for 2 mins

Circle to the left 10 steps & 10 steps to the right (right foot forward) for 2 mins

Take a 30-second break between sets.

Rest 1 min after footwork drills.

Finisher Sets

5 squats jump (focus on speed)

Do 10 sets

Rest 30second between sets.

Stay focus on techniques, keep proper form and add sets if it's not challenging enough and don't forget to hydrate between sets (sip water, don't drink too much between sets)

Enjoy your workout!


Keep a record of your training session, log it into a journal, a notebook about your daily workout, training session, weight lifted, numbers of reps...

Make your own note or table template about what you like to log or check this already made Krav Maga Strength & conditioning logbook:

Needs help?

Send me a message or comment below.

Our next post will focus on fighter nutrition, diet and what food you should eat or don't.

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