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Purse safety

Carrying your purse could be a risk, thieves are always looking for easy target or quick reward. Purse snatching is one of the easier ways to make quick cash. Therefore, learn basic purse safety is important.

Thieves usually snatched on motorbike, rollerblade or by a quick runner.

We have analyzed purse-snatching incidents and give you the best safety recommendations.

Carrying your purse risk assessment

  • Crossways, The Advantage: Not easy to be taken due to the challenge of snatching it.
  • Crossways, The Disadvantage: There is a high risk to be thrown and dragged to the ground, given a high potential of injuries.
  • One Shoulder, The Advantage: If the attackers grab your purse, you are not likely to be harmed unless you resist.
  • One Shoulder, The Disadvantage: You are more likely to be targeted by thieves as it’s much easier to steal.

Even no one wants to have his purse stolen, this threat is very common. Our priority is ALWAYS the personal safety and avoiding the physical risk and injuries you may face. The material can be replaced easily, YES, AT COST!

But, surgery or even worth will cost you 10 times more than your wallet and your mobile phone and could be irreversible for your entire life.

Our Recommendations:

  • One Shoulder: carry your purse on one shoulder on the opposite side of the road.
  • Valuables: avoid carry expensive items in your purse, keep precious valuables on you.
  • Beware of your surroundings: avoid walking on the street with headphones and loud music, always be aware of what’s happening around you.
  • Learn basic self-defense techniques: If you do travel alone even only for after-work trips, a basic knowledge of self-defense or how to use common objects to protect or defend yourself is always a good thing to know.

Purse Snatching in Thailand: 9 years of purse snatching

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