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Shadow Boxing

What is shadow boxing? How do I shadow box?

If you can only train one things daily, our suggestions will be to do shadow boxing.

Shadow boxing is the repetition of every techniques and move learnt in class by fighting against imaginary opponent(s). It’s practice by boxers, wrestlers, grapplers and martial artists to perfect their techniques, forms and stick those moves into muscle memory.

Repetition makes perfect.

Learning new exercise or skill and repeat it improved our neurocircuitry.

To perform those new learnt moves, our brain must coordinate a complex set of actions. It involve our audio and visual memories, and our motor function.

Practices optimized our brain for this sets of cerebral activities thru myelination process.

To be short, practice and repetitions creates more white matter in our brain and make us mentally and physically better and faster.

Shadow boxing is the best techniques for this and it can be performed as a warm up, or on its own as a powerful workout.

Benefits of Shadow Boxing:

  • Improve your cardio and breathing
  • Great conditioning and endurance workout
  • Prepare you mentally
  • Develop your striking combos
  • Improve your footwork and speed
  • Stick new techniques learnt in your brain and muscles

Shadow boxing can be done as a full workout or warm up and for as long as you want. 10 to 20 mins set or cut into repetitive sets of 3 to 5 mins. Shadow boxing can be perform anywhere. You just need a 2 Sqm. space or an entire football field if you like. It can be done on any surface like sand, concrete, grass …

I always suggest my students to start slowly. From Krav Maga basics, stance to treats and attacks to a full fight. Add techniques learnt in the previous class to become familiar with it and carved it into your mind and muscles memory. That will make it become naturally decisive or reflexive moves.

Start slowly and increase speed thru your session. Cool down by scanning and respond to other attacks or opponent from different side and distances. Alternate combative striking techniques and built up your own combo.

Ensure you keep a proper form at any time. The use of a mirror or your reflection into a widow can help you check your forms. A great trick could be to film yourself and check the video to spot mistakes and improve it.

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Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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