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What To Expect In Your First Krav Maga Class

What should I expect in the first Krav Maga class?

In your first Krav Maga class you will realize that Krav Maga classes are fun and our students are friendly. Krav Maga has no competition.

Krav Maga is a very good fitness training, not only you get fit, but you learn to defend yourself. This is the reason why Krav Maga become so popular around the world.

Our students are friendly, and we are proud to call them our Krav Maga Bangkok Family.

Krav Maga instructor will introduce themselves and give you an explanation about Krav Maga – Ask all the questions you want about Krav Maga, so be at the gym 10 mins prior class.

We will require you to fill up documents (waiver form, privacy & right release).

We will explain you training safety as well as gather information about previous injury or physical problem you may have (remember everyone can learn Krav Maga)

Our Krav Maga class structure:

  • Line up for the “bow in” KIDA to signify the beginning of the class.
  • Warm-up
  • Demonstration
  • Explanation
  • Imitation
  • Practice drill
  • In situation drill
  • Cool down – Stretching
  • Line up for the bow out “KIDA” to signify the end of the class.

Training preparation & tips:

  • Be at the gym 10 mins prior class.
  • Wear sportswear and sneaker or running shoes.
  • Bring water, hydration is important when you exercise, don’t drink too much just sip often.
  • Don’t eat at least 30 mins to 1 hour prior the class (or only small healthy snacks).
  • Push yourself, but you can rest when you want if you need it.
  • Commit to your next class.
  • Feed your body after training with banana or protein based food.
  • Train regularly to improve your fitness and Krav Maga skills.
  • Repeat in your head the lesson learnt.
  • Add the lesson learnt in you daily routine shadow boxing

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Enjoy your class!

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