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Krav Maga Intensive Course


Learn Krav Maga intensively for 3 Days (4hrs/day). Join this unique Krav Maga Course.

This is a Private Course, private coaching 1 to 1 with our Instructor.

You will learn full Fighters’ workout and conditioning, Krav Maga fighting skills, defenses against weapons and more.

Improve your fitness and add into your arsenal, weapons threats defenses.

How to survive common street attacks and more.

This course as been designed for different kinds of students:

  • Short time travelers which liked to improve their travel safety.
  • Practitioner which like to improve their Self-defense knowledge.
  • Beginners starting from scratch or simply like to feel safer in their daily life.
  • Martial artist
  • Celebrities and VIPs
  • Law enforcement professionals.

What you will learn and get:

  • Intense Krav Maga training
  • Physical and mental improvement
  • Huge self-defense knowledge
  • Common weapons threats defenses
  • Certificate of achievement delivered at the end of the course.

If you want to learn to defend yourself, improve your fitness or your fighting skills, this course is for you!

Open to beginners & Intermediate, Men & Women.

Book your 3 Days Course now! THB 12,500 Only!

For more Information: Contact us!

or call us: 081 458 5810

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