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SILC Women Self-Defense


June 4th, 2019. Women Self-Defense seminar

Unleash the ‘KRAViT’ in you, your combatant/fighting spirit with KRAV MAGA BANGKOK.

KRAViT is Hebrew word for woman with fighting spirit, a fighter, combatant.

Krav Maga Bangkok private KRAViT seminar for Samut Prakan International Ladies Community.


Experience and learn Women Self-Defense – Krav Maga techniques for real life dangers.

The good thing about ‘KRAViT Krav Maga for women’ is that neither the strength nor the size is important.

At Krav Maga Bangkok, we train according to principles, in combination with easy-to-learn techniques, which are also available under stress and emergency situations.

No woman is a victim and those men who think that women can’t defend themselves against men will have to think again!

Tuesday June 4th, 2019.

Kindly hosted at St. Andrews International School Bangkok

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