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Surviving an Assault on the Ground


August 3rd., 2019. Surviving an Assault on the Ground Seminar.

You may not always be able to plan for attacks, but you can train for them!

That’s why Krav Maga ground fighting is an important part of a well-rounded self-defense skill set. Learn these techniques for self-defense when someone is on top of you to prepare for this difficult scenario.


The pavement outside is much less caring of our personal protection from injury than gym floor mat. It has been designed to take unimaginable punishment from cars, trucks, and extreme weather conditions. Wrestling someone on the pavement, with rocks, glass, and other random pieces of trash…IS NOT FUN!.

Think of it this way, if you are grappling someone on the ground, you are FULLY engaged with that person. That means you are FULLY open to a 2nd or 3rd attacker. On the streets, there is no referee to stop others from joining in. And this is the scariest part!

Kindly hosted at Training Ground Bangkok

Equipment sponsored by Krav Gears

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