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What you should never post on social media?

All those things make the life of bad guys easier!

What you should never post on social media?

Nowadays, it’s very easy for hackers, bad guys, thieves, burglars, and rapists to find a target. They just need to scroll down on social media.

The tendency for people to expose all their doings and their lifestyle on social media can put themselves at risk and lead them to potential danger.

It’s an easy way to know people’s details; their lifestyle & political views, sexual orientation & what they listen and read.

Where are their favorite places and where they are in real-time, as well as some sentimental details that could be used against them and a lot more.

Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

  • Your Home Address: You should never post your address or where you live on social media, as you are making things easy for the bad guys out there. There’s a lot of things, criminals can do using just your address.
  • Your Current Location: Giving out your location information can be risky. Because, it tells potential bad guys where you are or that you are not at home.
  • Children in School Uniform: Never post pictures or videos of your children on uniform lots of kids have been abducted through that.
  • Your Children Photo and Their Name: By doing so you are exposing your kids to harm.
  • Where You are Travelling to and When You are Travelling: Never post details of your travel, this can lead bad guys to follow you, or it tells them that you are not at home.
  • Your Work Details: photo of yourself in your office, or wearing your company badge/keycard or you in your company uniform. This can lead people to you, or to use you to target a company.
  • Negative Opinion about your Job, Your Employer or Your Boss: lots of people have lost their job doing that. Nowadays, most interviewers ask for your Facebook account and they go through your wall to identify your character, your lifestyle and more.
  • Food or Lifestyle Pictures: Showing or faking a lifestyle, can lead to bad guys’ interest toward you. An eatery meal post indicates that you are from a poor family, and luxurious venues and fine cuisine can indicate that you are wealthy.

Whatever your lifestyle, nowadays, everyone is a target!

Poor to medium class people can be easily misleading for money, scammed or target for the human trafficking business. Medium to upper-class people can be targeted for company details, bank details, home robbery and more.

Don’t Wait, Improve Your Safety Now!

  • Go through your social media feeds, log activities and profile.
  • Ensure that your profile doesn’t show any private details like Address, Telephone…
  • Do a full clean-up of past posts, reactions, tags, check-ins, and keep checking it on a regular basis.
  • Be more careful about your post, picture details, background, and tags.

Stay safe!

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