SILC Private Women Self-Defense Seminar - Session II

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

SILC Private Women Self-Defense Seminar - KRAVit - Krav Maga For Women Only!

It's time for Session 2. Tuesday, November 26th., 2019 at 9.00 AM.

After the success of our previous SILC & Krav Maga Bangkok Private women self-defense seminar, the ladies requested that we come back for another session.

The simplicity and efficiency of Krav Maga techniques using improved natural reactions made easy to understand that everyone is able to defend themself, No matter your size!

Krav Maga Bangkok Women Self-defense seminar

This seminar focus on common threats & attacks on women. How to improve awareness, avoid it, or defend it if necessary.

No woman is a victim and those men who think that women can’t defend themselves against men will be disabused by our KRAVit!

You too, would like to learn and book your private Krav Maga Women Self-Defense or Krav Maga for all seminar for your group, colleagues or for your corporate company employees?

Contact us right now!


Tel: 081-4585810

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